Business phone systems

Choose the right telecoms supplier


Your choice of telecoms suppliers is likely to depend on a range of factors, including how complicated your business needs are and how confident you are in knowing what equipment you require.

The main suppliers of telephone systems and services are:

  • manufacturers
  • retailers
  • telecoms service providers
  • consultants

How to find the right telecoms supplier for your business?

Recommendations are a good place to start when looking for a supplier. Talk to business acquaintances with telephone systems similar in size to yours and ask them about their experiences.

It's a good idea to talk to a number of suppliers. Retailers and service providers often recommend a single manufacturer but there may be a range of systems on the market you could use. It might also be worth using a tariff comparison website such as uSwitch. These sites can often help you assess which suppliers offer packages most suited to your requirements.

It's important to be clear about what you want your supplier to provide and to make sure from the outset they'll be able to deliver it. Things to consider include:

  • Initial advice - do you need help identifying appropriate systems and functions?
  • Installation - will the supplier install your system?
  • Maintenance - what happens if there's a problem? Will there be a charge for maintenance?
  • Training - do you need training to use the new system and conduct day-to-day maintenance?
  • Scalability - can the system accommodate extra users or enhanced functions if your business grows or its needs become more complicated?
  • After-sales service - will there be ongoing telephone or online support? Using a local dealer can give you easier after-sales access to your supplier.