Control staff turnover



Staff or employee turnover is the percentage of workers leaving an organisation over a specific period of time and needing to be replaced by new recruits. A high staff turnover can be an indicator of underlying negative issues in your business that need to be identified and addressed as a priority.

High staff turnover

A high employee turnover adversely impacts the productivity and morale of your workforce and can be detrimental to business performance and growth. If you have a high staff turnover it gives the impression that your company is not a good place to work hampering you from competing in the jobs market for new talent.

Therefore, retaining staff and treating them fairly has benefits for your business. Continuity and stability become part of your business' culture, staff feel they belong to the organisation and take pride in their work. Skills and competencies are maintained in key business areas and productivity is often increased.

Low staff turnover

Low staff turnover is generally nothing to worry about but it can signal a lack of creativity as new talent brings fresh ideas and experience which helps to streamline processes, identify problems, and be the catalyst for innovation.

Staff turnover is a business risk, but you can minimise the ways in which it affects your business through a structured staff management programme.

This guide will help you identify the factors affecting staff turnover and how your business can monitor staff turnover. This guide also explains the cost of staff turnover and how you can reduce staff turnover.

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