Corporate social responsibility (CSR)


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) generally describes a business' concern with the wider community and environment. It can relate to various topics - from human rights and ethical trading, to sustainability and community development. For most businesses, CSR is about carrying out their operations in an ethical and responsible way.

CSR doesn't just provide a 'feel good' factor; it can often make good business and financial sense. As well as cost savings, CSR can boost your sales, increase your customer loyalty, help you retain staff and build business reputation.

This guide explains corporate social responsibility and the potential benefits of investing in CSR activities. It tells you how to set up a good CSR programme, align it to your business goals and measure its effects in a way that is relevant to your business.

Finally, the advice in this guide will help you to develop your CSR strategy and manage your environmental and community impact through meaningful, socially responsible actions.