Staff training

Developing a staff training plan - Grants Electrical Services (video)

Case Study

Grants Electrical Services Ltd (GES), based in Mallusk, is an electrical and mechanical engineering company. They sell industrial engineering applications to customers throughout the UK and Europe. GES employs approximately 90 staff who specialise in various aspects of niche engineering.

Rachel Doherty explains the approach that GES took to identify staff training needs and develop employee skills. She describes how following a formal analysis process they went on to fill gaps in both staff knowledge and skills. This has helped to contribute to the company's growth. Rachel also highlights how GES has developed bespoke in-house leadership and management training that has won industry awards.

Case Study

Rachel's top tips:

  • "Reach out for business support - Invest NI and the local councils offer training programmes."
  • "Engage staff and encourage them with training and development."
  • "Get enthusiasm internally for training and development."