Ecodesign in product and service development



Ecodesign - or sustainable design - is a process where you consider the raw materials, manufacture, distribution and end use of products within the overall design of a product.

Ecodesign can help you to minimise the impact of products on the environment and society over their lifecycle. It can also help you reduce raw material use, eliminate hazardous materials, reduce energy and water use, produce less pollution and waste, and increase service life and efficiency. You can apply ecodesign principles to both existing and new products.

This guide will help you understand what is ecodesign and highlight some of the ecodesign process and strategies you can use. It will tell you how to research your products for eco-design and identify ecodesign priorities, and how to choose raw materials for ecodesign projects.

Finally, it will explain how to improve the overall sustainability of your business and products and meet the requirements for ecodesign: compliance and standards.