Ecodesign in product and service development

Evaluate your ecodesign products


To see how your ecodesign is performing in the marketplace, seek out as much feedback as possible. Your sales, marketing, production and manufacturing departments can all help to confirm how marketable your products are.

Feedback from production

Ask your production manager for detailed data on the performance of your new designs as they are manufactured. This information may highlight the need to change your plant and machinery to further improve the production process.

You could use this feedback to:

  • increase production and assembly efficiency by simplifying your production processes or increasing line speed
  • reduce packaging levels
  • reduce the amount of waste produced and the quantity of energy and materials wasted during manufacture

Feedback from sales and marketing

You should also review how new products are received in the marketplace. Your sales and marketing staff can:

  • assess how robust the products are and how their packaging performs
  • confirm that there is a market for the products
  • analyse the customer feedback about likes and dislikes
  • identify areas for further development of the products

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