Lighting energy efficiency

Efficient maintenance of existing lighting systems


Keeping your existing lighting systems well maintained can improve lighting efficiency and reduce costs for your business by up to 15 per cent.

Lighting cleaning schedule

The first step is to put in place a cleaning schedule as part of your regular maintenance. Make sure your cleaning schedule covers:

  • windows and skylights - regular cleaning lets maximum daylight into the building
  • light fittings and lamps - keep these free from dust and dirt which can reduce the light they give
  • sensors and controls - cleaning these regularly makes lighting systems more effective, particularly systems with automatic dimming controls

Lighting maintenance schedule

A regular maintenance programme can lead to energy savings as well as improving light quality. Setting out your programme in a maintenance schedule means that you won't overlook anything. Start by going round your lighting system and noting:

  • what equipment needs to be maintained
  • the light levels in each area
  • any issues or problems with lighting or equipment

Then draw up a schedule identifying each maintenance activity and setting out how frequently it should be done.

As part of your regular maintenance programme:

  • check that sensors and timers are working correctly, with settings matched to the way your business operates
  • replace blackened, flickering, dim or failed lamps
  • consider installing alternative, more efficient lighting systems