Employing a member of the Reserve Forces


Reservists are a vital part of the UK's Armed Forces and make valuable contributions as civilian employees. Reservists offer benefits to employers such as transferable skills, training and high levels of motivation.

This guide explains how employers can develop HR policies to take into account the rights and responsibilities surrounding the employment of Reservists. It also explains how Defence Relationship Management (DRM) links employers with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and provides support and advice for both employers and Reservists.

In addition, since 1 October 2014, Reservists and their employers are now affected by legal changes announced within the Defence Reform Act 2014.

These changes are a big step forward, as they address employers’ views fed into the White Paper indicating that the costs of employing a Reservist outweighed the benefits.

The new legislation also gives Reservists a more prominent role within Future Force 2020 and greater job security.

Information on the new legislation is also included in this guide.