Market your environmental credentials

Environmental awards and recognition for waste reduction


Many business awards recognise commitment to the environmental agenda. There are several reasons to consider entering an environmental award:

  • The award organisers will usually make an award logo available which shortlisted entrants and winners can apply to their product packaging or marketing activities.
  • Winners and nominated businesses usually get publicity from media coverage generated by the awards.
  • Winners and nominees can also generate their own publicity around the awards by letting local and trade press know about their success
  • Some awards may come with a prize attached or funding to help you implement your environmental plans.

Where to find environmental awards

There are many awards programmes that focus specifically on the environment but there may also be specific awards for your business sector, such as those run by the trade press or trade associations that include an environmental category. Local or regional business awards may also have relevant categories.

To find out about awards relevant to your type of business, you could try contacting your trade association.

Because there are so many awards it is best to look at the entry criteria and select those that are most relevant to your business before entering.