Business mentoring

Face-to-face business mentoring


If you choose to get involved in face-to-face business mentoring, mentor and mentee need to agree on:

  • the degree of involvement you want
  • the level of structure you want

Degrees of mentor involvement

You will need to agree on the degree of involvement that suits you both. Some mentors and mentees work extremely closely with each other, speaking or meeting most weeks or even most days. In most cases, however, a mentor will not have day-to-day involvement with the business. Instead, they'll provide help every few weeks or months which could take the form of phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.

Level of mentoring structure

You should also agree on a level of structure to suit you both. Mentoring can be a very formal and structured process with regular meetings which follow a specific agenda and set of goals. It can also be quite a casual arrangement, where the mentee calls on the mentor as and when problems or questions arise.

Finding a face-to-face business mentor

Local networking events can be an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and experienced business people. See Northern Ireland business networks and use our Events Finder to find networking events happening near you.

For more about mentoring services, see information for finding or becoming a business mentor.