Business mentoring

What is business mentoring?


Business mentoring is a relationship between you, as an entrepreneur, and someone with business experience who is willing to act as a guide. The business mentor offers advice, guidance and support to help you run and improve your business.

It can involve face-to-face meetings or online discussions - or a combination of both - depending on which arrangement is best for both parties.

Formal or informal mentoring?

It's likely that your mentor will stay in regular contact with you through meetings, telephone calls and emails. The nature of the relationship may vary from being fairly casual - eg a monthly telephone call or informal visit - to being more formal and structured - eg setting meeting agendas and business objectives.

Some mentoring services are free and others are paid for or available by subscription to an organisation. Not all mentors have to be formally established as such. Friends, family and business contacts can all become involved in unofficial mentoring.