How to get gigs

Find audience for your show


Getting people through the door is probably one of the biggest difficulties gigging musicians face. If you struggle to find an audience for your show, you can use simple strategies to reach out to fans and get them along to your gigs.

How to get more fans to your gigs

1. Actively promote gigs to your fans. Don't rely purely on the promoters or the venues to advertise your show. You will have more success in reaching audiences if you work together and coordinate your marketing efforts. See more on how to promote your gig.

2. Use online tools to engage with your audience. This can be your own website, your social networks, distribution platforms such as SoundCloud or YouTube, and - for new acts - even sites like BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. 

3. Use social media effectively. Offer different content and engage with your audience online. Be active on social networks before, during and after the event. 

4. Tap into the blogging community or use radio or media contacts to announce your gigs. Put your PR into practice and build a relationship with the local press.

5. Play with other bands - this can be a great way to liven up your gigs and expand your fan base. You could find other bands that play similar music, open for each other or play joint sets to mix things up.

6. Use covers - if you're playing local gigs and have limited songs to draw from, add interest to your show by playing cover songs. Get creative and appeal to a wider audience by choosing songs from a different genre and adapting them to your style

7. Record live - if you have the equipment to capture the performance, filming a live music video or a live track can add excitement and lure the fans. You can also sell the resulting track or use the video to further promote your music.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time to promote your show. It is worth reminding people about it a few times before the show date. Use your email lists and other contacts to target your audience and send personalised communication.

Remember that, if you have merchandise, you can increase your earnings beyond your gig fees. As well as that, if you write, compose, perform or publish music, you can get other additional income.