How to get gigs

How to promote your gig


Once you have secured a gig and booked your venue, it's time to get promoting. This is the most important part of getting people to your gigs.

There are many ways in which you can promote your show to ensure that you:

  • get audience attending
  • secure press coverage
  • show agents and promoters that you are a marketable and profitable business

Starting early is the best way to promote your show. As soon as you have a booking, you should take steps to find an audience for your show.

Flyers and posters

You can use promotional materials like flyers and posters to promote your gig. These don't have to be fancy. They do, however, have to include the necessary information about your show, including:

  • who you are
  • where you're playing
  • what are the ticket costs - and if you can purchase them in advance
  • what time do the doors open

Make copies of your materials and give some to the venue, and circulate them more widely through your local networks or on social media.

Online promotion

Social networks present an effective way of promoting events. They can connect you with your target audience at a click of a button. You can create event pages, blog entries, join groups, publish posts, announcements and show teasers. All of this can help generate buzz and energise your fans. 

Press invitations

One of the simplest ways to gain publicity and increase coverage of your show is to invite the press. You can use a press kit to attract media representatives to your show. You can also:

  • write a press release - see how to write an effective press release
  • let local papers and radio stations know about the event
  • offer guest list places to members of the press and industry

Don't just target the largest media outlets and publications. Contact your local papers, school and university publications, local music bloggers, arts magazines, etc. Read about public relations.

Create a mailing list

A mailing list can help you establish a direct way to engage with your fans. An email shot can help you communicate important updates about gigs, new music or developments, or send reminders about gigs in a personal and timely matter. See more about direct marketing: the basics.