Creative business support and funding

Finding support and funding for my creative business - Jude Cassidy (video)

Case Study

Award-winning textile designer Jude Cassidy, owner of Jude Cassidy Textiles, explains how finding the right advisory and financial support has helped her start and grow a successful creative business.

From her design studio in Saintfield, Jude has been supplying bespoke hand-woven textiles to the luxury interiors market. Since launching her business in 2010, she has taken part in many local business support and funding programmes, including those of the Prince's Trust, Arts Council Northern Ireland, Craft NI and Invest Northern Ireland.

In this video, Jude highlights the importance of identifying and pursuing the right funding and support for your creative business.

Case Study

Jude Cassidy

jude cassidy textiles

Jude's top tips:

  • "Make it really easy for your customers to buy from you."
  • "Gain a friend in the industry, someone to ask for price points or certain information."
  • "Don't be afraid to admit that you're wrong or that you don't know something. People will find your honesty more endearing than pretending that you know something you don't."