Furniture manufacturing resource efficiency

Furniture manufacturing transport efficiency


Transport within the furniture industry is a necessary expense. Your business can reduce its vehicle costs by:

  • optimising trailer sizes to reduce the number of journeys required
  • improving your overall supply chain to minimise the amount of time vehicles are not carrying a load
  • improving the efficiency of your vehicles via regular maintenance and servicing
  • using sat-nav technology that can suggest alternative faster routes to optimise journey times

Within the transport component of your business, fuel is likely to be the most expensive resource. In addition, because road fuel is more heavily taxed, its contribution to your business' overall energy costs is even greater. Steps you can take to reduce your fuel use include:

  • reducing journeys by better planning of multi-drop deliveries to customers
  • monitoring fuel consumption against driver performance
  • improving the overall quality of your products to avoid returns that have to be collected
  • minimising environmental damage from exhaust emissions, oil and fuel leaks
  • considering whether you could save money by using an external delivery company