Get access to the Customs Declaration Service


Last updated 25 August 2023

The Customs Declaration Service will be the long-term replacement for the current CHIEF (Customs Handling Imports and Export Freight) platform. 

From 30 March 2024, the Customs Declaration Service will be the UK’s single customs platform and all businesses will need to declare goods through the service.

Remember: If you’re moving goods to or from Northern Ireland, including moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, you can use the free to use Trader Support Service (TSS) which is available to support with your declarations and provide further training and guidance. Alternatively, you can get a specialist to do your declarations for you, by using an intermediary.

If you do not wish to use TSS or an intermediary, the Customs Declaration Service can be used for your declarations.

How to get access

You’ll need the Government Gateway user ID and password that you use for:

  • your business or organisation
  • yourself, if you’re applying as an individual

If you do not have a user ID, you can create one when you start.

You cannot use an agent or intermediary Government Gateway user ID.

You’ll need to provide:

Your EORI number and Customs Declaration Service registration will be linked to your Government Gateway account. You cannot apply for more than one EORI number using your Government Gateway account.

Get access to the Customs Declaration Service

Online services may be slow during busy times. Check if there are any problems with this service.

After you’ve applied

You’ll get access within either:

  • two hours
  • five working days (if HMRC needs to make more checks)

Add a team member

If you need others in your business to use your subscription (and the services it gives access to) you can add a team member when using your business tax account.

You’ll be able to control what each team member can access.

Help and Support

To report issues with subscribing to the Customs Declaration Service, email: