Workplace welfare facilities and healthy working environment

Healthy and safe working environment


You have a legal duty to ensure a healthy working environment for your staff. You must make sure there is:

  • good ventilation - a supply of fresh, clean air drawn from outside or a ventilation system - see ventilation in the workplace
  • a reasonable working temperature - see safe working temperatures 
  • lighting suitable for the work being carried out
  • enough room, space and suitable workstations and seating
  • a clean workplace with appropriate waste containers

Safe working environment

To keep your workplace safe you must:

  • properly maintain your premises and work equipment
  • keep floors and traffic routes free from obstruction - see avoid trips and slips in the workplace 
  • have windows that can be opened and also cleaned safely
  • make sure that any transparent (eg glass) doors or walls are protected or made of safety material

Working environment risks

Consider some of the following ways to reduce work environment risks: