Business angels

How to find business angel networks


You can find individual business angel (BA) investors, or syndicates, through BA networks in the UK and Europe.

BA networks include:

  • Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN)
  • UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA)
  • European Business Angel Network (EBAN)

BA networks help companies find an investor who is right for their funding needs. They also give investors details of companies they might want to invest in.


HBAN is the all island representative body for business angels on the island of Ireland with a specific remit to establish business angel syndicates.

In addition to regional and sectoral syndicates, the network supports a number of all island vertical syndicates in the food and med tech space and hence companies in Northern Ireland can apply to pitch for funding to these networks.

Through HBAN 2.0, there is now a focus on the leverage of cutting-edge technology and end-to-end digitisation to streamline the investment process for angels and start-ups. Read more on HBAN 2.0.

Find out more about HBAN's work throughout Ireland.


The UKBAA is a trade association for BA investors, promoting early stage investment in UK companies by bringing together investors and companies looking for funding.

BAs, venture capital networks, and associate organisations such as solicitors and accountants pay membership fees to join the BBAA but the service is free for companies seeking investment.

Find out more about sourcing a BA investor with UKBAA.


EBAN is the European Trade Association for BA investment and seed funds. The organisation comprises over 250 BA networks and around 20,000 individual investors.

The organisation offers membership packages to individual BAs, BA networks and other associated organisations.

Find out about EBAN BA investment networks.