F gases and ozone depleting substances

How to get certified to work with F gas and ODS


You must have your own qualifications to work on equipment containing fluorinated gases (F gas) and ozone-depleting substances (ODS), even if you work for someone else. It is against the law to work with F gas if you do not have the correct qualifications. You could receive a civil penalty for breaking the law.

If you see someone working with F gas that doesn’t have the right certification, report it to f-gassuport@environment-agency.gov.uk.

Qualifications to work with F gas and ODS

You must have appropriate training and qualifications if you are working on:

  • stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems (including heat pumps)
  • stationary fire protection systems
  • mobile air conditioning systems
  • electrical switchgear
  • recovering solvents
  • other F gas / ODS equipment not specified

Find out more about the qualifications you need to work with F gas and the organisations that offer these qualifications.

Company certification to work with F gas and ODS

Your company, including sole traders, must be certified by an approved body to service stationary equipment containing F gas operated by others. This includes:

  • air conditioning
  • refrigeration
  • fire protection

You don’t need a company certificate to service:

  • refrigerated trucks and trailers
  • high voltage switchgear
  • car and van mobile air-conditioners

Your company must be certified to:

  • install
  • repair
  • maintain
  • decommission

If your company services only your own equipment, it doesn’t need to be certified - but any individual who works with and handles F gas must have personal qualifications to work with F gas.

Find out more about when you need company certification to work with F gas and how to get it.

Working in the Republic of Ireland and the EU

Certificates for individuals and companies gained from a UK-based certification body are no longer valid for F gas and ODS work in the Republic of Ireland and the European Union.

You will need to undertake training with a training provider linked to a certification body approved by an EU Member State to obtain the appropriate certificate. The Irish Environmental Protection Agency has more information on how to obtain certfication.