Tourist accommodation certification

Inspections of certified tourist accommodation


Tourism NI carries out statutory inspections of tourist accommodation premises in Northern Ireland at least once every four years. This is to ensure that established businesses continue to provide at least the statutory minimum standards fitting to their accommodation category.

Access the statutory inspection schedule.

These statutory inspections incur fees which you will need to cover.

In each of the three years between, you will need to complete a statutory review form. You will usually be given a 30 days notice to submit your yearly statutory review form to Tourism NI.

Tourism NI can also carry out ad hoc inspections of your premises as part of their monitoring remit, or upon receiving visitor complaints. These do not incur a fee and do not impact on the four year inspection cycle for your premises.

What happens after inspection?

If Tourism NI determines that, after an inspection or a statutory review, your establishment meets the prescribed minimum standards, it will be confirmed in its category.

However, you may be served with a notice revoking your certificate if:

  • after inspection or statutory review, Tourism NI finds that your accommodation no longer meets criteria for its particular category
  • you fail to comply with a notice to provide a self-review statement
  • you refuse to allow your premises to be inspected on two occasions

If Tourism NI revokes your existing certificate, you will not be able to continue trading legally. You may request a review of this decision within seven days from the date on which the notice of refusal or revocation is issued. See appealing your tourist accommodation inspection outcome.