Introduction to site waste management plans



Construction projects in Northern Ireland do not legally require a site waste management plan. However, you should consider using a site waste management plan even if your project does not require one.

Site waste management plans are a useful management tool. A site waste management plan can help you to cut costs through effective waste management, use materials and resources more efficiently, reduce fly-tipping and demonstrate compliance with contractual duties and your duty of care for waste.

Producing and implementing an site waste management plan should affect all businesses and individuals involved with construction projects including the client, architect, project managers, principal contractor, sub-contractors and tradesmen. However, the main responsibility falls on the client at the project development stage and the principal contractor during the construction phase.

This guide explains what a site waste management plan ishow to prepare an site waste management plan and how to put it into action. It describes what your site waste management plan should contain, how to identify types of construction waste and what the options are for reducing and managing it.

You can also download an example site waste management plan proforma (DOC, 77k).