Introduction to site waste management plans

Improve the way construction materials are bought and supplied


You can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated on your construction site by looking at the way in which materials are specified, designed, procured and supplied. You can reduce the amount of materials you waste by improving your ordering systems, using products with less packaging and setting up take-back schemes with suppliers.

To make this happen, the whole supply chain should be involved in your site waste management process.

Site waste management plans and your supply chain

You should consider:

  • specifying products that create less waste and are not hazardous if they become waste
  • using off-site prefabrication and modular construction
  • setting up agreements with suppliers to take back excess materials and packaging, eg plasterboard and insulation off-cuts
  • adopting systems such as 'just-in-time' delivery
  • specifying packaging that you can reuse and recycle
  • reusing waste generated on site
  • using materials and products with a high recycled content
  • batching materials on site
  • establishing good quality control systems to inspect materials delivered to site for damage before they are accepted