Introduction to site waste management plans

Site waste management communication and training


A site waste management plan (SWMP) will only be effective if everyone on the construction site knows what is expected of them. The SWMP should be made available to all contractors working on the project.

Site waste management plan communication methods

The type of communication you use will depend on the level of knowledge required about the SWMP. Possible methods include:

  • introducing the SWMP as part of the site induction process, possibly incorporated within the usual health and safety induction
  • short, effective talks by supervisors on waste management, reminding people about health and safety issues, eg toolbox talks
  • higher-level workshops involving the project team to identify progress on the SWMP and how it is being implemented
  • displaying posters that raise awareness and keep waste 'on the agenda'
  • newsletters to update site personnel

There are also many informal communication mechanisms that can be used.