Best practice in business

IT and information security best practices


You can give your business a distinct competitive advantage by making good use of information systems and technology.

Importance of technology in business

Technology has transformed the way businesses communicate and interact with customers and suppliers, market themselves, access information, and buy and sell products. 

Things like video conferencing, webinars and mobile devices enable different ways of deploying staff. Initiatives like hot-desking and remote working can increase productivity, improve communication and facilitate flexible working methods. Even in the smallest companies, integrated databases and systems can bring significant cost savings and improvements in efficiency.

You should carry out a technology needs assessment for your business and develop an IT strategy to ensure that you implement IT best practices.

IT security best practices

The safety of information systems - and cyber security - is critical to any modern business. If your operations depend on digital processes, data and systems, your business may be vulnerable to a whole range of cyber security risks.

Ensure that you follow IT best practices to protect your business online. These may include different safeguards for information access, such as:

  • passwords
  • firewalls
  • security software

You should also ensure that all of your employees are fully trained in using passwords and other security measures, and that they are aware of your policies and procedures for data and equipment security. Read more about cyber security for business.