London Stock Exchange: Main Market

Is the London Stock Exchange Main Market right for your business?


Floating on a public market is an important decision for your business. It can provide you with access to increased capital for growth and development, and can lead to investment opportunities. A listing on the London Stock Exchange Main Market also gives your business access to a wide investor base and one of the world's most liquid trading facilities.

However, the Main Market is not appropriate for all businesses - it is typically reserved for larger, more established businesses. As such, you should fully consider whether your business is ready to join. For advice on preparing for a stock market flotation, see floating on the stock market and secure equity investment.

The London Stock Exchange also operates AIM. This market is designed for smaller, growing companies - so may be a more suitable option for your business. For more information, see London Stock Exchange: AIM.

Once you have decided to apply for a listing on the Main Market, you need to decide on the most appropriate type of listing - Premium or Standard. Many UK businesses choose a Premium Listing which requires compliance with an additional body of rules that are 'super-equivalent', or additional to the European minimum requirements.

Companies who are not yet eligible for Premium or Standard Listing on the Main Market can now gain access to capital via the High Growth Segment (HGS) which provides companies the opportunity to fund their growth whilst preparing for an official listing in time.

London Stock Exchange provides further guidance on the Main Market.

To join the Main Market, you must work with your advisers to produce a prospectus which must be approved by the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) Primary Markets

There are specific eligibility criteria that your company must meet before it can be admitted to the Official List and then admitted to trading on the Main Market. These requirements differ depending on whether you join the market through a Premium or Standard Listing.

You must also appoint certain professional advisers, who will be able to explain the eligibility requirements in more detail.

For more information, see eligibility requirements when joining the London Stock Exchange Main Market.

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