Parental leave and time off for dependants

Minimum requirements of workplace parental leave schemes

A workplace agreement on parental leave must, at the very least, comply with certain minimum requirements. The agreement can be more favourable for the employee, for example a shorter period of notice or allowing leave to be taken in shorter blocks.

Default provisions for a workplace parental leave scheme

The default provisions for a workplace parental leave scheme are that it must:

Failure to reach agreement on a parental leave scheme

If you fail to reach - or simply don't have - a workforce agreement on parental leave arrangements, you must comply with the default provisions.

Enhancing a parental leave scheme

You can of course agree with workplace representatives to enhance your parental leave scheme by, for example:

  • paying employees, eg full or half pay, while they are on leave
  • allowing employees to take more than their maximum statutory parental leave entitlement
  • specifying a notice period that is less than 21 days