Start-up support for female entrepreneurs

Networks and mentors for women in business

If you feel nervous about setting up a business, that's normal for everyone, men and women. Don't let that put you off. A good way to build your confidence is to speak to others who have set up a business, to find out what the experience is really like.


Women's networks are a good way to do this. They offer a forum for discussion, sharing experiences, peer mentoring and practical and emotional support. Just knowing someone else is facing the same challenges as you makes it easier to keep going.

Networking is a highly effective way to build up a business. It offers a potential market for your goods or services and can be an invaluable way of building up a client base and track record.

Women in Business (WIB) is Northern Ireland’s largest and fastest growing network for business women and entrepreneurs. 

Find out more about Women in Business.

One strand of the Connect programme is Connect-In, a drop-in support network that is a great starting point for women to examine their options from the comfort of their home or in a supportive friendly environment.

There are also many UK sector specific women's networks including: