Start-up support for female entrepreneurs

Support for women in business


You can become a successful female entrepreneur with the right support, good planning and the will to succeed.

Specific support for women

There are some support initiatives specifically designed for women.

    Women in Business (WIB) is Northern Ireland's largest and fastest growing network for business women and entrepreneurs. WIB has over 3,000 members and offers events aimed at helping women develop both personally and professionally, make connections and ultimately grow their business.

    WIB also have a mentoring programme with almost 150 mentors providing business support and guidance to network members. 

    WIB offer a variety of free marketing benefits to all members including publication of their news articles in a bi-annual magazine and in a monthly ezine, as well as their Members Monday promotions. Find out more about WIB.

    Councils and local enterprise agencies run specific initiatives for female entrepreneurs.

    Find finance and advice

    The NI business support finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded and not-for-profit sources of assistance you may be eligible to apply for.
    Support may be available in a number of forms, including financial assistance and free or subsidised advice services.

    Back Her Business is a NI crowdfunding platform for female entrepreneurs. The crowdfunding is available via time-limited competitions taking place throughout the year. For more information see crowdfunding websites.

    My New Business

    My New Business is a free online service that covers everything you need to plan, start and run a business. It has videos and tools, plus other learning resources - like tutorials and case studies. All of them are aimed at helping you get your business started.

    It also includes checklists that cover everything from coming up with a strong business idea and developing it, to identifying and reaching your customers to turn that idea into a successful business. See My New Business.