Job offers and staff inductions

New starter pack for staff


It may be useful to put together a new starter pack of information which can be given to new staff. New starter packs could be either sent when they have accepted the job or given to the worker on the day they begin work.

What should a new starter pack contain?

A new starter pack could contain information about the organisation, employment documents, and facilities such as:

  • a letter welcoming them to the organisation
  • the latest annual report
  • introductory information about the business including a brochure or other marketing materials, your strategic narrative, any sports or social clubs, or any other workplace benefits
  • an organisational chart
  • the latest staff newsletter
  • health and safety arrangements
  • their terms and conditions of employment
  • a copy of the staff handbook
  • specific information about their role, including their job description, an organisation chart, and any material about the team they will join
  • any other policies, rules, or procedures that apply to your business
  • a diagram setting out the location of photocopiers, meeting rooms, eating facilities, lavatories, and fire exits