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There are specialist needs when considering whether to start up in business as a photographer, but there are also some things that every business needs to take into account, including legal requirements, insurance and taxation.

As with many creative businesses, you may wish to start as a freelance or part-time photographer, but you will still need to meet all of your legal obligations.

Photography sectors

The first thing to consider is which sector you want to establish yourself in. For instance:

  • wedding or portrait photography
  • commercial and advertising photography
  • creative or fashion photography
  • photojournalism

You will need to consider and set up a charging structure, potentially including a rate card, both for your photography and also the rights usage.

You will also need to consider copyright, which is complex but extremely important. Make sure that you understand:

As a photographer, you will need equipment and, perhaps, premises - although many freelance photographers work from home. You might consider buying an existing business, going into a partnership or a joint venture with others in your sector, or you may just start from scratch.

You can get advice from professional associations, such as the Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland (PPANI).