Prepare a business plan for growth



Planning is essential to all businesses during their lifespan. Planning helps define business goals for the future and determine steps, activities and resources needed to achieve them.

Successful businesses regularly review their business plan to ensure that it continues to meet their needs and that it responds to any internal and external changes.

This guide explains how you can turn your business plan from a static, one-off document into a dynamic template that will help your business thrive. It describes the benefits of ongoing business planning and the importance of writing clear business growth plans.

It also explains how to use a business plan to allocate resources effectively and tells you why you should regularly review your business plan.

Support to grow and scale

You can get free advice and guidance from your local council to help you grow your business and scale up operations. To request support, complete a short enquiry form or call the Go Succeed Helpline on Tel 0800 027 0639.