Ethical trading

Protecting the environment


All businesses have an impact on the world in which they operate - and sometimes this can be a damaging one. However, even the smallest of businesses can minimise its impact on the environment - and even help repair damage already done - by implementing sustainable development policies.

That means considering the social and economic wellbeing of current and future generations, both here and abroad, when making all kinds of business decisions. To start implementing such policies it can help if you first:

  • Assess your current environmental impact, here and overseas and consider how socially responsible is your business?
  • Appoint someone to champion and oversee sustainable development.
  • Make small, simple and manageable changes.

You could give close scrutiny to the following areas:

  • Your design processes - for example, could you replace toxic substances with less harmful ones? Are your products designed to be multifunctional or reusable?
  • Your energy consumption - for example, could you replace equipment with newer, more energy-efficient or less polluting models?
  • Your resources - are you using renewable or recyclable materials? Do you recycle your own waste?
  • Your environmental and health and safety training for employees.