Office equipment energy efficiency

Raise employee awareness about office equipment efficiency


Your staff may not have the same level of motivation to save energy as you do, particularly if they don't benefit directly from cost savings and improved profits. For this reason it's important to spell out all the benefits of saving energy in the business, and to manage staff effectively to get them involved with your energy-saving campaign.

Explaining the benefits of office energy efficiency

Explain clearly to staff why you are making efforts to save energy in the business. Point out that as well as strengthening the business by saving money, improving energy efficiency will also result in:

  • a healthier and more productive workplace
  • a reduced 'carbon footprint' for the business, helping you to play your part in reducing damage to the environment
  • an enhanced corporate image - this can be particularly beneficial for sales staff

Involving staff in office energy efficiency planning

Make it clear that you are personally committed to reducing energy use, and that you need your managers and staff to participate if you're going to achieve your goals.

Motivate staff to become involved by asking them for ideas, opinions and feedback, and by encouraging them to review their own working practices. You could also use competitions, campaigns and team projects.

Setting realistic targets for energy reduction and appointing an 'energy champion' will help keep staff focused. A written energy policy will help to inform staff about energy-saving guidelines and good practice.