Office equipment energy efficiency

Upgrade to energy efficient office equipment and systems


When you upgrade existing items of office equipment, one of the simplest but most important steps you can take is to check that the new items carry a recognised energy efficiency label before you buy them. Equipment labelled as 'energy efficient' uses considerably less electricity than a standard equivalent product.

There are a number of other steps you can take when you upgrade your office equipment to ensure that your business doesn't use more energy than it needs to. Whatever the item, avoid buying equipment that will become prematurely obsolete and will need replacing despite having plenty of life left in it.

Computers and monitors energy efficiency

  • Match computers to the task - high-specification computers with large screens use more power than basic machines, and are not always required.
  • Replace any old monitors with flat-screen models - these can reduce energy use by two thirds.
  • Specify laptops wherever possible - these use much less energy than desktop computers.

Photocopiers energy efficiency

  • Match copier speed to your business needs. Faster machines use more energy.
  • Choose a machine that can do double-sided copying and can use low melting-point toner.
  • Consider how quickly you need the photocopier to return from standby to copy mode.

Printers energy efficiency

  • Match the printer type to your needs. For example, laser printers give a quick and high-quality print but use the most energy.
  • Consider printer speed. Faster machines use more energy.
  • Make sure the printer has energy-saving functions such as double-sided printing and a reduced-quality option.

Vending and hot drinks machines energy efficiency

  • Choose a machine that uses the minimum amount of water. Some machines only heat water as necessary.
  • Make sure the machine has a seven-day timer controller.
  • Look for energy-saving features such as low-power idling, good insulation, low lighting levels and the ability for users to fill their own mugs.