Safety of workplace machinery, equipment and tools

Reduce the risks of using workplace equipment


You can minimise the residual risks caused by workplace equipment by implementing measures:

  • Buy the right equipment and machinery for the job and ensure it is suitable for the intended use. Having the right tools for a task reduces risks. See purchase the right equipment.
  • Provide safety guards on parts of equipment which could cause injury. Use fixed guards where possible and consider which materials are most appropriate.
  • Safe for use and properly maintained in a safe condition. Make sure that workers can easily find start and stop buttons, and emergency stop buttons.
  • Used only by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training.
  • Put appropriate warning signs on or near the equipment.
  • Introduce - and stick to - special working procedures for dangerous equipment. 
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) if you can't otherwise minimise the risks. See personal protective equipment.
  • Provide employees with guidelines on how to minimise risks from heat-producing equipment. This includes ovens and welding equipment. For example, provide PPE such as masks, gloves and heat-resistant aprons. Ensure that employees know how and when to use them.

Regular exposure to high vibrations can be dangerous. Download a health risks from hand-arm vibration guide (PDF, 154K).