Tender for public sector contracts in Great Britain and Ireland

Resolving public sector tendering problems


There are a number of sources of help when you have issues with public sector tendering. 

UK (non-devolved central government)

If you experience problems with public procurement processes with UK central government departments and the non-devolved public sector, you should provide feedback to the Public Procurement Review Service at the Cabinet Office. You can contact them by sending an email to publicprocurementreview@cabinetoffice.gov.uk or by contacting their Service Desk on Tel 0345 010 3503. 

Republic of Ireland

If you experience problems with public procurement processes in Ireland, contact the organisation responsible for the procurement and present your concerns. The 2010 Remedies Regulations provide a clear framework for the judicial review of public contracts in Ireland.

You can also use the SOLVIT system, an online problem-solving network, which is monitored by the European Commission.

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