Employees working from home

Responsibilities of home workers


Employees who work from home have a number of key responsibilities.

They should:

  • check whether there are any restrictions on home working within the terms of their lease, mortgage, or tenancy agreement for the property
  • keep their insurance company informed about the new use of their home
  • check if planning permission will be required and apply for it if necessary, though this is unlikely to be the case for a home office
  • check if business rates are payable on the part of the property used for work
  • ensure their own health and safety and the safety of anyone visiting or living in their home who could be affected by their work
  • ensure that they keep sensitive information safe and secure, eg by destroying data securely when they have finished with it

Employees should also be aware that if they set aside a room to work in that has no domestic purpose, they may be liable for business rates on that part of the property or capital gains tax if the property is sold.

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