Set up a small business website

Set up an e-commerce website (video tutorial)


In the past, selling online was traditionally associated with consumer-facing retail businesses. Now, a broader range of businesses are investing in e-commerce – particularly those trading with other businesses.

Invest Northern Ireland has produced a suite of video tutorials to outline how e-commerce could work for your business, and what benefits you can expect from selling your products and services online.

E-commerce introduction
This video introduces e-commerce and outlines the topics that will be discussed throughout the tutorial including online marketplaces, building an e-commerce website, digital marketing, legal and security issues and effective market research

E-commerce research
This video discusses the importance of laying a firm foundation for creating your e-commerce website by conducting thorough market research and looking at your competitors, your products, target market, human resources and internal processes.

Online marketplaces
This video looks at online marketplaces and outlines some common ways to get your product or service in front of your customer by using online selling platforms such as eBay and Amazon. It also outlines the first things you should consider when it comes to creating your own e-commerce website.

Digital Marketing and e-commerce
This video explains the vital role of digital marketing when it comes to selling your product or service online and explores search engine optimisation, paid advertising and social media marketing, and the importance of analytics.

Legal and security issues with e-commerce
The final video highlights the legal and security measures that are required when selling online to protect your business, brand and your customers. It also covers the legislation that may be relevant to your e-commerce activity.