Starting a business: advice for people with a disability

Starting a business: ongoing training


During and after setting up your business, it is important to keep your skills - and those of your staff - up-to-date and competitive. Training can be used to deal with the accessibility issues facing disabled people at work - and may give you greater awareness of the work-related technologies available for disabled people. Training can also be used to develop:

  • IT skills
  • financial skills
  • human resources
  • sales skills

First identify those areas in which you need to improve. Make a short list of possible courses and find out whether you might be eligible for any funding. Remember there are numerous courses available so do some research to find the one that suits you.

Training can help you to adopt a positive, open style of communication, and to develop a 'win-win' approach to work relations.

Find out about the support in training your staff.

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