Having trouble raising finance for your business?

Teach yourself how to manage money better


Every business is different and every entrepreneur will have their own individual approach to dealing with business finances.

There is a wealth of information that could help you learn more about managing money effectively in your business.

  • Speak to a financial adviser at your bank or to your accountant about drawing up a cashflow forecast and a business plan. See choose and work with an accountant.
  • Ask your local Chamber of Commerce or business support agency for advice on sources of finance and networking opportunities. See Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Search on the internet for business advice websites.
  • There are many books available on starting up and running a business. Your library will be a good starting point if you don't have enough cash to buy new books. Ask anyone you know if they have any business advice books you could borrow.
  • Investigate if there are any local business networks where you live or work. Calling on the experiences of existing entrepreneurs and having a good working relationship with them can be a vital source of information. See Northern Ireland business networks.

For further guidance on managing money see:

Watch Invest NI's tutorial on managing cashflow below.

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