Manage your customer service

Use customer service to increase sales


Your existing customers are important assets to your business. They have already chosen you instead of your competitors. Keeping their custom costs far less than attracting new business. It's worth taking steps to make sure that they're satisfied with the service they receive.

You can use techniques such as:

  • providing a free customer helpline
  • answering frequently asked questions on your website
  • following up sales with a courtesy call
  • providing free products that will help customers look after or make the most of their purchases
  • sending reminders when services or check-ups are due
  • offering preferential discounts to existing customers on further purchases

Existing customer relationships are opportunities to increase sales. Your customers will already have a degree of trust in your recommendations.

Sell more existing customers

Cross-selling and up-selling are ways of increasing either the range or the value of what you sell. They work by pointing out new purchase options tocustomers. Alerting customers when new, upgraded or relevant products become available is one way of increasing sales. You could do this through regular emails or newsletters. 

To keep your customers' trust, never try to sell them something that doesn't meet their needs. Remember, your aim is to build a solid long-term relationship with your customers rather than to make quick one-off profits.

Satisfied customers will contribute to your business for years, through:

  • purchases
  • recommendations 
  • referrals