Selling or closing a business

VAT when selling or closing a business


If you are VAT-registered and you are closing your business, you will need to inform HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that you want to cancel your VAT registration.

Once HMRC are satisfied that your registration should be cancelled, they will confirm the date of de-registration which is usually the date you stopped trading.

You will have to submit a final VAT return for the period up to and including the de-registration date. You must account for VAT on stock and certain assets you have at the close of business on the day your registration is cancelled.

See submitting VAT returns, paying and repayments.

VAT when selling your business

If you are selling your VAT-registered business, you normally have to cancel your VAT registration.

However, in some situations, the new owner of your business can apply to keep your VAT registration number through a transfer of the VAT registration.