How to label and package goods being shipped out of the UK

Where to buy export packaging and labels


There are many suppliers you can use to purchase your export packaging and labels from. As with all supplier-selection processes, the best guarantee of quality is a recommendation from a trusted source.

The best source of help will be from people with experience of the area. These include:

  • Your trade association, which is likely to deal with many exporting businesses in your sector and have a good knowledge of the kinds of trade-related service providers your business will need
  • Other exporters - talk to any of your contacts in your sector with experience of exporting, as they will have knowledge about how to find packaging suppliers.
  • Freight forwarders, shipping agents and transport operators.
  • Packaging industry trade associations, such as the Packaging Federation and IoP: The Packaging Society.

You can also use online searches and directories to find packaging suppliers.

If you're using a freight forwarder to manage the shipping process, they often offer packaging services.

The cost of your packaging will depend on a range of factors, including size and durability - every exporter's requirements will differ. Prices will increase if you need more sophisticated packaging for your goods, such as temperature-controlled containers.