Zero emission vehicles and alternative fuels



Transport accounts for around one quarter of current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Northern Ireland. The transport sector has mainly relied on fossil fuels, and alternatives will need to be widely adopted in the coming years to meet emissions reduction targets.

The main source of emissions from this sector - which includes domestic aviation and maritime transport - is the use of petrol and diesel in road transport. Most businesses operate their own vehicles or rely on vehicle transport for the movement of goods and provision of some services. It is an area where your business can demonstrate fast and meaningful change to reduce your impact on the environment.

This guide will help your business to assess options for decarbonising your transport and the benefits of investing to reduce your transport emissions. It includes information on end dates for new non-zero emission vehicle sales which your business needs to prepare for, and options for moving to alternative vehicle fuels such as biofuels, hydrogen fuel, and electric vehicles.