Zero emission vehicles and alternative fuels

Advantages of electric vehicles for business


Electric vehicles offer a great reduction in transport costs for businesses, especially for fleet vehicles with regular journeys of up to 100 miles per day. Although electric vehicles can be more expensive to buy, they have significantly lower running costs when compared to petrol or diesel equivalents.

It can cost as little as 2 pence a mile to run an electric vehicle when charging on off-peak electricity. This is compared to over 20 pence per mile for petrol and diesel, representing a huge saving on fuel costs.

There are a series of financial incentives for businesses, including tax and duty exemptions for you and your employees and capital allowances.

Moving to use electric vehicles gives businesses the chance to become involved in innovative transport developments which are addressing environmental issues. Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions. It is estimated that an electric car powered by today's grid could emit between 15 per cent and 40 per cent less CO2 over its lifetime than a similar-sized petrol car.

Setting environmental concerns at the heart of your business can be a key part of demonstrating your corporate social responsibility.