Manage the risks of exporting

Agreements with overseas markets


Investment promotion and protection agreements between the UK and other nations exist to protect investors with internationally recognised standards. These will minimise your exposure to financial and legal risk when exporting.

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Key elements of these agreements include:

  • provisions for equal and non-discriminatory treatment of investors and their investments
  • compensations for expropriation (seizing property)
  • transfer of capital and returns
  • access to independent settlement of disputes

Governments of most developed countries show their commitment to fair treatment for investors through their membership of the OECD, European Union and/or European Economic Area and therefore there is no need for an additional investment agreement.

Double taxation

Double taxation can occur when a foreign country taxes your business as well as being taxed in the UK on the same income.

Many countries have now reached double taxation agreements with the UK where they will only tax your income once.

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