Manage the risks of exporting

Risk management and insurance services


There are several products and services available to businesses to reduce the risks of trading internationally. The type and level of insurance that will best suit the needs of your business will depend on a number of factors, such as the size and length of the contract and the amount of risk involved.

Partnership with a credit insurer

This is a tailored service, where the insurer identifies and assesses your business prospects and covers the risk on your exports.

Individual insurance policy per deal

This is a tailored policy and is ideal for one-off contracts that you would not need to insure regularly. There are many credit insurance companies that provide this service. UK Export Finance offers a range of products and services to complement commercial products and services and to support exporters who have not been able to raise finance commercially.

Managed credit insurance

This scheme provides a full research service, providing country information, verifying customer details and credit limits, debt collecting and management as well as making claims. It is the preferred service for new or smaller exporters looking to contract out the risk.

The British Chambers of Commerce and the Association of British Insurers all have lists with details of reputable companies.

Details of specialist advisers can be found on websites of organisations such as the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).

The Invest NI Export Finance Team can advise companies seeking guidance on export finance and credit insurance matters.

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