Get the right licences for your tourist accommodation business

Alcohol licensing for tourism businesses


You will need a licence from your local county court to sell alcohol on your premises.

You will only be able to apply to the court for a liquor licence for certain premises, including:

  • premises where alcohol will be sold and consumed eg pubs
  • premises where alcohol is sold for drinking off the premises
  • hotels
  • guest houses
  • restaurants
  • conference centres certified by the Tourism NI
  • other venues that include indoor arenas, higher education institutions, public entertainment premises, public transport premises and seamen's canteens

You can't apply for a licence if your premises are situated on a service area, or are on the same premises as a garage or petrol station.

Hotels, guest houses and conference centres

If you run a hotel, guest house or a conference centre, you must apply to the courts for a liquor licence and show that:

  • you are fit to hold a licence 
  • the premises are suitable for the sale of alcohol

Conference centres must meet certain requirements to get a licensing letter from Tourism NI.