Get the right licences for your tourist accommodation business

TV licence fees for hotels, hostels and campsites


If you're providing TVs on your premises for overnight guests, you should apply for a Hotel and Mobile Units Television Licence.

While staying on your property, guests are not covered by their home licence. Long-term hotel guests (ie those staying over 28 days) are an exception. They are not covered by a hotel licence and must have their own ordinary television licence.

Your licence fee will depend on the number of accommodation or mobile units you offer:

  • up to 15 units - £157.50 
  • more than 15 units - there is an additional fee for every five extra units (or fewer)

Showing TV and film in public areas

If you show TV programmes or films (live broadcast or via DVD or online streaming) in public areas such as bars, shops, restuarants, lounges or lobbies, you will require a licence.  

There are a number of main organisations who issue these licenses, including the Motion Picture Licensing Company.

Download guidance on the showing of broadcast television programmes and film in public (PDF, 242KB).