Transport safety in the workplace

Avoid vehicle overturns


Overturning is involved in almost one in five fatal vehicle accidents. The risks apply both to delivery vehicles and to vehicles used within the workplace. Forklift trucks for example are particularly prone to overturning.

It's essential to address this risk as part of your health and safety risk assessment.

Part of prevention is to ensure that you use the right vehicles, with the right safety equipment. There is a legal requirement for most vehicles to be fitted with a roll over protection system and restraints if there is a danger of them overturning.

But it's equally important to ensure that drivers are properly trained and follow safe procedures. Many accidents are caused because vehicles are driven in unsafe ways or in unsuitable conditions. For example, an overloaded vehicle driven too fast round a corner is more likely to overturn. Drivers who fail to wear seatbelts can also suffer far worse injuries than those who do.

For more information, read the Health & Safety Executive guide on avoiding vehicle overturns.

Finally, it is very important to ensure that all routes and passageways are kept clear of obstruction and debris.